my word is my bond

I am a creative marketing and sales mentor, combining high levels of energy with passion and creativity.  Always ready to discover new opportunities or potential business in everything that comes my way. This attitude helps me to come up with business ideas that work. I can only sleep well when I have done something relevant for someone I care about.So, people appreciate ‘my word is my bond’.  And we never forget that customer experience starts at home. . . 

“It’s a small small world, especially so for people with excellent networking skills”

Why should we get in touch? 

Because I am interested in what drives people and what bothers people. I love listening to stories of real people, and help them in a flexible and pragmatic way in the professional domains I gained experience in over the last 25 years.

These domains are:

  • Sales and export
  • Marketing and communication
  • Customer experience – customer centricity
  • Change management
  • Press releases, press relations, press events
  • Event management
  • Fundraising
  • Mystery shopping / mystery mailing / mystery calling

For whom?

As a marketing and sales mentor, I support small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs with personalized advise, business ideas that work  and coaching sessions for any topic in sales, export, marketing, communication, change, press, events, mystery shopping, customers insights, customer experience  and fundraising.

I could fill pages with things I have realized in the past. I will not. Why? There is no need to fill pages with a proven track record.              I have my own networks in everything I do.

Moreover, every situation is unique. Your business challenges are unique. You are better off with a no nonsense pragmatic one-on-one view when you are struggling with decisions you need to make.

Let’s get in touch

It's a small small world. Don't wait. Let's get in touch. Face to face.
T: +32 495 24 66 62